Newland Sierra

Newland Sierra Development

Newland Sierra

A North County development has been put on the 2020 ballot. This is thanks to the vote on whether or not a new housing development will come to fruition. The ballot decision won 4-0.

The project in question is called Newland Sierra. It came into question because the development would be in the Miriam Mountains area. This area is “in an area noted for wildlife and a tranquil ambiance,” according to KUSI News.  

The Developer’s Side
The development will be to the west of the I-15, near the cities of Escondido, San Marcos and Vista. The project would be to build over 2,100 homes in the 1,985-acre area. They would also plan to build 81,000 sqft of commercial space, a school site, 35.87 acres of public property/parks. It will also have 19 miles of community trails, an equestrian area and acres of open space.

The project would include multiple eco-friendly features such as solar panels, EV charging stations, gray-water systems, and xeriscaping. It is said that 80% of the homes would be attainable to working families. The company also said they plan to invest $175 million into the community.

The Opponent Side
Over around 117,000 signatures were gathered in opposition to the new development.

Opponents gathered roughly 117,000 signatures and presented their petition to the county. Supervisor Dianne Jacob said  the vote will “sound off on the general plan and a project in a high-fire zone, with 2,000 homes over what the general plan allows.” She wants people to “do their homework” on the project prior to voting.

The vote will not be until the March 3, 2020, ballot.

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