$2,000 Micro-apartments

What would you say if we told you that you can soon rent a 400 square foot apartment in Little Italy for $2,000 a month? Well, this spring 2019, (but probably more like summer), it is going to be a reality. Legendary developer Jonathan Segal is creating an eight-story, 42 unit complex of micro-units that range from 330 to 400 square feet. But in addition to these micro-apartments, he is also building a 5-story multi-million dollar home on the same lot.

Let’s back up a little bit.

Prior to building the new complex sat a Victorian Building on Union and Cedar that was technically on the registered historical list since 1990. However, because of unpermitted additions to the property, the historic resources board allowed it to be demolished. They were able to save some unique elements of the home, however.

As for the units within the mico-unit complex, the units will be small (330 to 400 square feet as mentioned above) but will not be like single-room occupancy hotels. These new units will have their own bathroom, kitchen and even a patio. Plus, below all of the units on the ground floor, there will be retail space.

What about parking?

Now, since the units are so small, there is not going to be any space for car parking. Instead, there is designated bike parking as shown in the sketch to the right. However, when San Diego Reader asked the Little Italy association but the lack of parking, they did not seem phased by the proposal. This is because there are various underutilized structures for parking in the area and other lots.

The single-family home

As mentioned above, there will also be a five-story single-family home alongside the apartment complex. The home will have a rooftop patio and a two car garage. Segal hopes to sell the home for $2.6 million.

The new project is called The Continental, and we cannot wait to see the finished project and learn more about it.

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The Continental

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