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Love the Pet – Lose the Odor (And the Sale)

pet odor

A recent home sale had the buyer hire a pet odor test/removal company.  This well-maintained home had everything my clients were seeking, minus the odor.  It’s likely the sellers had become de-sensitized to their beloved pet, costing them over $3,200 as a result.

Odors from pets, kitchen food preparation and smoking continue to rank at the top of surveys for buyer turn-offs.  The delay in selling is expensive as are repair concessions (and avoidable).  Here are a few tips for my fellow pet lovers:

  • Invite someone into your home for a candid odor assessment
  • Consider removing evidence of pet during home tours (evidence of litter box or food may inadvertently plant a seed of concern)
  • Professionally clean carpet & upholstery (walls too if pet enjoys a soothing rub-down along wall surfaces)
  • The time-honored trick of baking cookies or a cake can do wonders if you enjoyed fish the night before

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy according to the California Association of Realtors survey.  Let’s make sure odor isn’t one of the reasons your home doesn’t sell. 

pet odor

Written by
Dan Larson - Master Craftsman Realtor®
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