We're your fun friends, who just so happen to be really good at Southern California Real Estate!

Have you ever wondered who actually chooses a Real Estate Agent off the back of a bus or bus bench? ‘Better Call Saul’, right? We thought you might want to get to know us a little better first. Check out our Master Craftsmen, Artisans and Apprentices of Real Estate here…totally beats a bus bench.

  • Bob Dameron

    Founder, Broker

  • Tina Dameron

    Founder, Principle Realtor®

  • Alisa Edwards

    Broker Associate & Realtor®

  • Adrienne Salerno, Esq.

    Los Angeles Broker Associate

  • Donald Byrn

    Realtor® & Property Manager

  • Nima Ghaheri


  • Carolina Houston


  • Lindsay Borg


  • Aimee Baeza


  • Emily McGowan


  • Angelo Oriol


  • Rick Menolez


  • Bri Wilson Mattke


  • Miguel Contreras

    Realtor® Team Leader Agent Prolific

  • David Castillo

    Realtor® Agent Prolific

  • Alex Alvarez

    Realtor® Agent Prolific

  • Brian Cording

    Commercial//Multifamily/Investment Realtor® Agent Prolific

  • Rosemary Snow


  • Robert Horby

    Broker Associate

  • Missing Bear

    Team Mascot

Bob Dameron

Founder, Broker

CA DRE 01457831

Home = Nature

Bob has a diverse professional background ranging from real estate to engineering. Bob earned his masters degree in civil engineering at UC Berkeley and his MBA from San Diego State University where he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma. He is our resident smart guy! Bob and Tina met at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz, California in their teens. They both attended UC Davis where they earned their undergraduate degrees. They married in 1981 and have two grown daughters. Bob keeps active with his many interests including: flying (he is a recreational pilot), skiing, backpacking, golf, and even a few triathalons. “Adventure Bob” looks forward to expanding Dwell Well Realty and founding an Dwell Well Real Estate Syndicate in the next year.

Tina Dameron

Founder, Principle Realtor®

CA DRE 009926347

HOME = Sanctuary. Home might be security or family or garden for you, it’s personal and different for each person. Tina believes there’s an alchemy, a kind of magic when people and the right home come together. She says the right home nurtures and supports. Finding or selling a home is a one on one process, it’s matchmaking and takes time. She calls it ‘craft real estate’. Getting to the heart of what home means to each client is her life’s work and as ring leader and President of Dwell Well Realty what she’s dedicated to teaching.

Home has always been very important to Tina. Even as a child in Santa Cruz, CA, she was fascinated with floor plans, décor and grew to love architecture, design, and entertaining in her homes. The mechanical engineering degree from UC Davis was a detour on the way to @DwellWellTina; it gave her mad math skills she uses today to nail home values and see emerging trends.

When Tina isn’t practicing her craft, you can find her off with Adventure Bob on a sailboat somewhere, exploring the world of good food and wine, or chilling with family and new grandbaby. ‘Life is a beautiful journey’!

Alisa Edwards

Broker Associate & Realtor®

CA BRE 01400085

A personal home buying experience gone wrong was the catalyst for Alisa to jump ship from project management to helping people with homes, and now it’s her dream job. Alisa lives her life by the mantra: Keep Calm and Carry On. There is not a hurdle in life or business that she doesn’t find a way over, around or under. Alisa knows and loves our city for the niche neighborhoods, diversity in architecture, and that small town feel wearing big city britches. San Diego is so easily navigated, wonderfully eclectic, and that bit of culture sprinkled on top. In helping clients and creating win-win situations, Alisa’s vision includes a warm smile, persistent positivity, a wealth of real estate knowledge and a get ‘er done attitude. Away from the office, Alisa enjoys running with friends, cheering on the local high school sports teams, rocking out to 80″s music and “nailing it” with her Pinterest inspired cake decorating.

Adrienne Salerno, Esq.

Los Angeles Broker Associate

CA BRE 01959758
Tel: 213.949.4820
Email: adrienne@dwellwellca.com

Home = Warmth

Adrienne is the epitome of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” as she joins Dwell Well Realty not only as our Los Angeles Broker Associate, but also the daughter of the founders of our company. After a career in law (a Southern California Rising Star for Environmental Litigation in Super Lawyers Magazine 2014), Adrienne has now returned to her roots by joining the Dwell Well Realty team. With real estate in her blood, Adrienne has spent many years hanging around the real estate office, putting up Open House signs, and talking the “shop talk.” It’s no wonder she felt the calling to lead the Dwell Well Los Angeles team. With a lifetime of experience in Southern California, Adrienne can help you find everything from the perfect home with an outdoor kitchen to the coolest hole in the wall taco shop for the best fish tacos in town! Los Angeles is home to Adrienne, her husband and their two puppy-kids and they all love the energy this city thrives on. The diversity in this city is what attracts most people to Los Angeles. With its many neighborhoods with influences from distinct cultures, you can snack on pupusas and then head over to a speakeasy for a cocktail, all within our city of Los Angeles. To Adrienne, home = warmth and she looks forward to helping you find the warmth in your new home.

Donald Byrn

Realtor® & Property Manager

CA DRE 01954328
TEL: 619.204.3447
EMAIL: donald@dwellwellca.com

Constantly meeting new people and networking is Donalds biggest drive. Mix that with an obsession with real estate, makes being a Realtor Donald’s dream job.

After being a paralegal for 5 years practicing bankruptcy law, Donald made the decision to make the change to help people find a forever home.

Growing up with a family who invested in residential real estate, Donald has helped with income properties in Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, and Paradise Hills for years.

Helping with everything from showings to mowing the grass, Donald is a one-stop shop when it comes to investment properties. As a certified Property Manager, Donald has managed properties in Otay Mesa, Carmel Valley, and everywhere in between.

Born and raised in San Diego, Donald knows what’s best about living in SoCal. From beach life in Imperial Beach to city life in Little Italy, he knows which areas offer the best living experience for your lifestyle.

Nima Ghaheri


CA DRE 01850020

I can think of no greater privilege than having the opportunity to serve as a guide to people who want to be educated about real estate and are looking to buy or sell a home. My focus is much broader than transactional ; I want to be there when the planning begins and I will be there after the sale — because I value maintaining relationships for the long term.

I started my real estate career in 2007, after relocating to the beautiful city of San Diego from Dayton, Ohio. Since then, I’ve learned what it means to morally and ethically be a successful Realtor — listening to clients to learn their goals and always acting in their best interest. In 2017, I was fortunate to join Dwell Well Realty, where I’ve added a robust set of new skills as I continue my professional development.

I took a circuitous route to real estate — working in the Strategic Improvement department of a large healthcare system after earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees — but I know it’s the right career for me. It’s so satisfying to have such a significant effect on someone’s life; nothing compares to seeing happy buyers and happy sellers.

Who am I away from the office? My wife Renee and I live in and love the North Park community, where we enjoy being connected to our neighbors. I volunteer at North Park Main Street Organization, serving on the Business Development Committee. Things I love (not necessarily in this order), include Disneyland, Ohio State Buckeyes football, Cincinnati Bengals, poker, finding new restaurants, playing tennis and golf, and weekend getaways.

Carolina Houston


CA DRE 02045282

Direct Website: carolinahouston.com

With a mother who has worked in real estate throughout her whole life, it is no wonder Carolina has real estate in her blood. When you are born the daughter of “The Queen of Real Estate” in Cabo San Lucas, you end up picking up a thing or two. Everything from property management to commercial real estate and now in her favorite role as a residential real estate agent, she loves it all. Carolina interned at Dwell Well Realty right out of college and we are thrilled that she decided to join us as her career is flourishing. As a downtown property owner herself, Carolina is the epitome of a modern, metro young professional.

She is bilingual and binational, a world traveler, and a lover of local fare. From the craft brews of North Park, to the Dog Beach at Coronado Beach where she loves to take Lola Maria, her beloved Schnauzer, you’ll find Carolina enjoying the best that San Diego has to offer and bringing her clients along on the adventure. At Dwell Well Realty, home is not just a place, but a feeling too, and Carolina is a model for that mission statement.

Lindsay Borg


CA DRE 02063578
T: 619-961-8162
E: Lindsay@dwellwellca.com

Home = North Park

Real estate runs in Lindsay’s blood as her family has been involved in San Diego property since 1945. Born and raised in San Diego, she returned from CAL State Humboldt with her BS ready to work in the field she was genetically engineered for. Anyone whose favorite song is ‘Gimmie Shelter’ by the Rolling Stones, is a natural to match people with their forever homes. She combines her energy, enthusiasm, drive, and knowledge of real estate every day and is always willing to help.

Lindsay is passionate and proud of her city, and is eager for you to make it home too.

Aimee Baeza


CA BRE 02022519

Aimee is a people person who has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her work. She has a degree in Psychology and Human Development from UC Davis, which makes sense seeing as she loves meeting new people and developing new and meaningful relationships.

Shortly after graduating, Aimee attended a Pastry of Arts school and started her own online chocolate business called Good Temper Chocolate. In addition to chocolate, Aimee loves to spend her time painting and is a self-proclaimed #plantlady.

Like Dwell Well, Aimee calls North Park home and loves exploring the area. Whether it’s to try new coffee shops or browse through the historic neighborhoods, living in this area has helped her become familiar with everything North Park and South Park have to offer.

When it comes to real estate, she truly enjoys working with first-time homebuyers. This is because she is dedicated to helping people find their ideal home and enjoys being the first person they ever work with to achieve this dream.

She is very knowledgeable when it comes to all San Diego neighborhoods, so if you ever have any questions, get in touch with her. She’s always willing to help!

Emily McGowan


CA DRE 02070906

Home = Craft

Helping others has always been a passion of Emily’s. After years of teaching at UC San Diego, she decided to focus her energy on real estate. She loves instilling confidence in people and watching them succeed whether it be in a classroom or with their financial goals.

Read her blog, list or buy a home with her, or collaborate on a project and you’ll see how inspired she is by smart investing, planning housing development for the future, and helping people feel right at home. From craft brews to craft real estate, Emily knows the importance of taking as much time as needed to perfect the process and the product.

Like all Dwell Well Agents, Emily believes that a balanced lifestyle is very important. She loves spending time on the patio enjoying the hammock with a pint of home brewed beer, tending to her plants, and taking her adorable Corgi to dog beach.

Angelo Oriol


CA DRE 01927147
TEL: 619.890.1718
EMAIL: angelo@dwellwellca.com

At Dwell Well Realty, we expect the highest level of relationship oriented business from our Realtors® and Angelo is the top notch in that arena. Partnered with sharp negotiating skills and a calming personality, Angelo is just down right awesome at building relationships with his clients, service members, and peers. Sometimes it takes a precise mix of shark and dolphin to be successful for our clients and Angelo knows that formula.

We are excited about having Angelo’s skill set and San Diego roots on board with us here at Dwell Well Realty. He knows San Diego’s ins and outs like only a true local can. Including our sports teams and where to find the best local brews!

Rick Menolez


CA DRE 02057661

Home = Love

Rick Menolez could be the unofficial Mayor of the San Diego beach neighborhood, Pacific Beach. Not only is Rick on the board for the neighborhood, he is also an advocate for the area and a huge supporter of local businesses. The soundtrack to his life is even “Summertime” by Will Smith. He lives in the quintessential California beach neighborhood with his wife, daughter, dog, two cats and fish. With his deep love of humanity, environment, and living life to its fullest, its no wonder why we at Dwell Well Realty had to have him as a part of our team. Rick makes everyone he works with feel like a friend right away and is the perfect mix of brilliant real estate agent and a guy you’d like to have happy hour with!
In addition to working in real estate, Rick is an extremely talented hairstylist who is color/design certified and an official Redken Artist. When Rick isn’t selling houses or styling hair, he runs triathlons, goes paddle boarding and enjoys going to concerts. Above all else, Rick loves to follow his passions and live life to the fullest. He strives to be the best dad he can be (he is even coach of his daughter’s soccer team) and enjoys a good IPA.

Bri Wilson Mattke


CA DRE 01989787

As a military spouse, Bri is no stranger to moving. With each change of duty station, Bri has felt both the excitement and stress that comes with big changes. Every move is different and every sale or purchase has its quirks, but it is her greatest goal to ensure each client gets a customized experience to suit their personal needs, understanding that communication is key.

Bri spent the first 4 years of her real estate career in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to assisting clients purchase and sell homes, she staged homes alongside her broker, which led to a greater understanding of what people really look for when buying a home. In 2018 she founded StudioAx2, which specializes in real estate photography and property tour films after realizing the importance of polished, high-quality marketing and its effect on the value of and interest in a home. From thorough home preparation and high end marketing for sellers, to expertly preparing offers and step-by-step assistance as needed for buyers, she has experience with every side of the the real estate business. She loves helping people through the process of buying or selling their home! Whether you’re moving up, downsizing, moving locally or relocating from another state, Bri is dedicated to helping people feel comfortable and at ease while buying or selling a home.

Miguel Contreras

Realtor® Team Leader Agent Prolific

CA DRE 01443317
TEL: 619-977-6447
Fax: 619-872-0633
EMAIL: Miguel@agentprolific.com

Kick Butt Realtor, Speaker, Husband, father of three, avid reader, coffee junky, foodie, seeker of knowledge, Bon Vivant, connecter and a rebel with a cause.
Miguel was born and raised in sunny San Diego. He’s tried to leave San Diego many times but has always been drawn back to San Diego by the sheer allure of its culture and people! As a graduate of San Diego State University, he likes to put his knowledge of his degree in social sciences to work for you! Additionally, he holds a professional certificate in Real Estate Development and Finance from the University of San Diego and has more than 15 years of real estate experience under his belt.
Miguel’s drive stems from a desire to help persons reach true independence and freedom through wealth, and creating that wealth thru real estate.
He created Agent Prolific Team – a driving force in the industry, to better serve clients: working with traditional buyers and sellers, but also in various niches like probate, trust sales, Fix-and-flip, Buy and hold investments, small development opportunities, etc.
Miguel’s secret to success and personal motto is, “If you’re a resource for others, you’ll always be in demand.” It is this creed that inspires him to be the ultimate connector – connecting people to opportunities, manifesting ideas into life changers!

David Castillo

Realtor® Agent Prolific

CA DRE 01970356
TEL: 619-920-6983
Fax: 619-872-0633
EMAIL: David@agentprolific.com

A fun-loving husband, father, and driven real estate agent. Homegrown in San Diego and a Graduate of San Diego State University. Before working in real estate, David was a business development leader in a health and wellness organization that allowed him the opportunity to build and lead a group of 400+ salespersons throughout the country. He brings that grit to the real estate industry, knowing that patience and alignment with the client’s goals and vision are at the core of success!
He may come across as coy or reserved but is hilarious, and a riot to spend time with. He’s also a craft beer connoisseur and he’s never met a donut he didn’t like!

Alex Alvarez

Realtor® Agent Prolific

CA DRE 02099666
TEL: 619-940-9541
FAX: 619-872-0633
EMAIL: Alex@agentprolific.com

Alexandria “Alex” Alvarez is a San Diego native who recently graduated from San Diego State with a bachelor’s in business management. While she just obtained her real estate license this past year, Alex grew up in the business, literally! Her mother has been an agent for nearly 20 years. Alex grew up swearing she’d never work in the industry as her mother would make her go to “open houses” as a teenager. Only time would tell, and she couldn’t help but fall in love with the business! She’s worked in the real estate industry the last four years assisting the Agent Prolific Team as executive assistant/boss lady/ whatever-whenever! She brings high-spirited laughs and love to the office while caring tremendously about our clients. Alexandria is ready Rock-and-Rolls in sales! When she’s not at the office or out in the field, she likes to work on burning calories and spending time with friends and family. Oh, and don’t put a puppy in front of her as she will come undone with the giggles!

Brian Cording

Commercial//Multifamily/Investment Realtor® Agent Prolific

CA DRE 01409931
M 619-920-5300
F 619-920-0633

I have a penchant for small business spurned by curiosity and fueled further by an entrepreneurial spirit. I spent my career working to be a more valuable resource to clients by consistently working on continuing education and reading to be versed in many facets, ranging from technology to analysis trends. I started with foundation in business at San Diego State University and furthered my formal education at Point Loma Nazarene University where I received my MBA. These tools helped me achieve national recognition multiple times in my role with Wells Fargo and I have utilized my thirteen years with the bank to be able to bring a wealth of knowledge, resources, gumption, relentlessness and experience to my clients and their needs.
I am blessed to have my beautiful wife Veronica and our two handsome boys Joaquin and Julian. When I am not in the office I enjoy running, lots of soccer and basketball as well as time at movie theater.

Rosemary Snow


CA DRE 01342457

Direct Website: CLICK HERE

Rosemary entered the San Diego real estate market in 2002 and has a wealth of experience in new home sales as well as resales. The combination of Rosemary’s talent and Dwell Wells’ vast resources and networking creates a winning combination that is second to none. If you are looking for real estate options in the Greater San Diego area, contact Rosemary for a seamless real estate transaction.

Robert Horby

Broker Associate

CA DRE 01883679

Investing in real estate requires that you thoroughly investigate any asset that you are considering and thoughtfully assess whether or not the property is a good fit within your lifestyle, risk tolerance and whether the investment meets your goals and objectives … this not only takes practice and diligence, but it is critical that you have an advocate who will objectively help you secure the necessary information in which to make a reasoned decision … I do exactly that for each of my clients! My mission is single focused – to help you achieve what you want to achieve in the purchase or sale of a real estate asset. Establishing a career with the US Navy as a Naval Commander was supremely valuable in understanding how to design a course in which to successfully meet objectives. Being an owner, manager, and investor for 20+ years, I have established credibility as a real estate broker throughout the years which has produced significant loyalty among my clients. I’d like to provide you with the expertise to meet the goals that you’ve set forth for yourself with the ownership of real estate. Let’s schedule a time to talk about what it is that you want to achieve and how I can best serve you in successfully accomplishing those objectives. I look forward to working with you. Graduating from Annapolis and Navy retired Commander .. I navigated my ship into San Diego Harbor and never left. An avid real estate investor with 20+ years experience in buying, selling and renovating. 

Missing Bear

Team Mascot

T: 619-239-4584

E: info@dwellwellca.com

Home = Wherever You Take Him

Missing Bear is the Dwell Well Realty Office Mascot. If you visit our office in North Park, you’ll greet him on the couch or hanging out upstairs in the Loft. Unless of course it is the night of the annual Dwell Well Realty White Party where every year, he goes ….. missing. Someone always takes off with Missing Bear each year! He has turned up in Mexico wearing a sombrero and having a cerveza and he has been taken and held for ransom. But we always get him back and he keeps us smiling at the office. Will you be the next to take off with Missing Bear?