When selling a home, just like almost everything in life, it is always important to make a good first impression. In fact, home buyers will make an assumption or formulate an opinion about a home while at their home, thanks to the internet. Buyers can see and make a decision to see a home in seconds. Without even stepping foot anywhere near the home in person. So, if you want to tell quickly, and for top-dollar, having great curb appeal is an absolute necessity.

One aspect of the front of the home buyers love are the doorways. A unique front door, a cool color or even plants and decorations tastefully done can make a world of a difference.

Looking through the San Diego Home and Garden website, we came across something that was worth sharing – how to transform a doorway in three ways.  Take a look at the top takeaways from Jennifer Mcentee’s article, One Doorway, Three Ways.

Photography by Stacy Keck

The Basics

  • The front entrance is your home’s first impression
  • It is an easy way to increase your livable space (adding a swing or chairs to take advantage of San Diego’s incredible year-round weather).
  • There is no reason to stop the decoration and renovation inside the home because the outside is just as important, if not more so when selling
  • By adding greenery, you can help define the space and add art. Take your time when selecting greenery and plants.
  • Greenery also helps you feel closer to nature and life.
  • Mix different textures and colors
  • Some ideas include grasses, ferns, succulents, aloes, pothos, fiddle-leaf fig trees, Sansevieria, ivies, and junipers.

Idea Number One: Updated Boho

Photography by Stacy Keck

  • Think about Layering when going for a boho look.
  • Think “Enjoying coffee in the morning barefoot” when choosing designs and decor
  • For seating, wicker chairs, swings, and even a hammock complete the look.
  • To protect from the ground, look for vintage rugs from thrift shops that compliment the colors and size of the front entrance.
  • Macrame is making a comeback, so look for one that you love. Many stores even carry macrame plant holders so you can mix your greenery and decor together.

Idea Number Two: SoCal Style

Photography by Stacy Keck

  • California is known for having a style that is no-fuss and easy going, which the what you’re going for here.
  • Think simple, but unique, so mix up colors, dont be afraid to go bright and don’t forget to go vintage either.
  • To get lots of greens in a small area, look into terrariums. You can create your own at Pigment.
  •  Rustic lanterns are also a great way to add texture into an entry. There are some great options that are affordable from Ikea, or look at Amazon.

Idea Number Three: Soft Modern

Photography by Stacy Keck

  • There is a fine line between hard and soft modern to ensure your entrance doesn’t feel “cold”.
  • Greenery plays a big part in warming up a modern entrance.
  • Suggested chairs are Acapulco chairs because they look modern and structured, but are very comfortable.
  • Choose a rug with modern designs to warm the space up while keeping the style you enjoy.

These are just a few of the incredibly easy ways to transform a plain, traditional entrance into something home buyers will love and want to replicate. To learn more about the importance of curb appeal, check out this article by

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