2019 kitchen trends

2019 Kitchen Trends

The Kitchen Trends You’ll See in 2019

Each year we see different trends when it comes to home design, and 2019 is no different. There are many unique, new and old trends that are expected to come back in the new year. Take a look at the top 10 kitchen trends for 2019.

The naturalness of stone is something people are starting to love all over again. The beautiful, uniqueness of each piece also creates a warm atmosphere that is rustic, but not “farmhouse”. 

Consider using stone as waterfall edges and backsplashes. Plus, don’t be afraid to use a lot of it and make that backsplash go up high. Some other unique ways to use stone are stove hoods and drawers.

Beadboard Accents
Easily add texture to your walls, stove hoods, backsplashes and more in the kitchen with beadboard accents. These are a durable and versatile way to mix in textures and add dimension to your kitchen. Beadboard accents transform into many different styles, whether it be modern, clean, traditional or even posh. One of the coolest things about beadboard accents is the fact it is easily painted, and can completely make the space pop.

Matte Everything
People are moving away from stainless steel appliances and are making the move to matte black. It is a fun and easy way to add stark contrast to cabinets that are made of wood and glass. Don’t think the trend only applies to refrigerators, though. We’ve seen amazing matte black kitchen sinks, faucets, cabinets, and even wall paint.

Don’t be scared to mix in two vastly different colors in for the kitchen cabinets. It is your kitchen, your space and should be your choice in which colors to choose. Mix in stark whites and deep blues to create a warm but clean space that is eye-catching in a calming way.

Moody Tones
Just like the matte black trend, people are getting away from the all white, kitchens and are choosing moody tones instead. These tones include things like plum, black, dark greens, blues and more. The Behr Color of the Year is even “Blueprint”, which is a beautiful jeweled blue color.

Spanish and Moroccan Influence
Adding an exotic note to your kitchen can make a huge statement and add beautiful textures and colors. With Spanish and Moroccan influences, you can create a unique space that is worth talking about. These type of tiles make a much better impact than subway tiles and traditional backsplashes. They can also be used on the island, flooring and so many more places.

Concrete Finishes
If you’re not ready to make the switch to moody colors and matte black finishes, you can still create a unique space using the minimalistic design trend. Use concrete to create a beautifully unique backsplash or even countertop that is industrial and functional. Plus, this method is more budget friendly than some other 2019 kitchen trends.

Tall Refrigerators
Gone are the days of regularly sized refrigerators. Now, people are looking towards tall, columned refrigerators that take up a lot less space and are a great visual aspect to add to the area.

Gold and Black
A timeless color combination, black, and gold accents make a strong gesture in any home. This is especially true when done tastefully in the kitchen.

Unique Sinks
So long farmhouse, hello unique and colorful sinks. Think copper, matte and other unique materials. You’ll be using the sink almost every day so be sure to make it something ornate and fun.

There are so many fun and unique 2019 kitchen trends that you can expect to see in the new year. We’d love to know which of your favorites you’re going to be using in your home, and which trends you can live without.

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