The Seller’s Side: Five Tips For Selling a Home in the Hot Summer Months

Five Tips For Selling a Home in the Hot Summer Months

While summer is known as the perfect time to sell and buy a home, it’s also a time where people go on vacation for a week, host BBQs and has family over to enjoy the weather. All of these fun distractions affect almost everyone, including those who want to buy a home. In addition, the heat waves we keep experiencing in San Diego are not helping people’s ambition to get into the car to tour houses.

So, what’s a realtor and home seller to do? Below you’ll find five expert things you can do to get past this hurdle and put that sold sign up.

Rush Hour Is Your Friend

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Weekends in the summer are filled with activities and traveling. So, when do you hold an open house if everyone is out doing other things? When everyone is driving home from their 9-5. This isn’t elementary school anymore (unfortunately), where we all get summers off, so people are still doing Monday-Friday 9-5’s through the summer months.

Try holding an open house on Thursday from 4-6pm. People driving by likely work in the area and commute to their home somewhere else, so this is the perfect way to get their attention and let them know there’s a house close to work for sale.

Host a Summer Party

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If you can’t beat them, join them. Instead of hosting an “open house” think of it as more of a BBQ or party. No one wants to feel like they are being pitched to house after house. It starts to get old and tired. If you formulate it as an event, the house will be a breath of much needed fresh air in a sea of standard opens.

At the party, include refreshments and see if a restaurant nearby would like to be a sponsor with some great local food. Aim for hosting it in the early evening to beat the heat.

Spotlight the Outdoors

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Does your house have an incredible backyard? Capitalize on this by staging the yard to be the ideal spot where potential buyers can picture themselves hanging out with friends and family on warm summer nights.

Putting in some additional effort in this area goes a long way so consider hiring a stager or research quick backyard upgrades that make an impact.

One Realtor described an open house he hosted on a summer night for a house that had a pool and a beautiful canyon yard. He strung up bulb lights, put tea lights in the pool and served wine and cheese. Little touches like this can go a long way.

Community Events

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Instead of hiding everyone in the backyard, bring the party to the front and enlist some neighbors and community business members for an event that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy. Having everyone in the front will encourage more visitors and pique interest.

Design and pass out invites ahead of time to let others know of the event. Post it on social media and alert your sphere of influence to get even more people in-the-know.

Think of including a theme for the event and ask neighboring businesses if they’d be up to donate a gift card or item for a raffle gift basket.

Get the Word Out Early Online & Offline

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Be sure to get in front of people as soon as you know the date and time of the open house. In the summer months, a lot of people set their phones down and enjoy Mother Nature, so ensuring they have ample time to learn about and plan for the open house is important.

Other than online advertising, there is plenty you can do offline as well. This can be done by putting up signs on roadways, near popular summer destinations (the beach, amusement park, etc.), and going door to door. To garner even more attention, consider flags or balloons. Yea, this is old school, but it makes you look, right?

If your house is close to the freeway or another major location, advertise it so the potential onlooker can get an idea of the location and make plans to see it.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to maximize the summer market while beating the heat. If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear them!

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