Real Human Pricing – A Home Evaluation Steps Above a Zestimate

Instant home value estimates are crap.

Are Zillow Zestimates accurate? Can I use a home estimate calculator? We get these questions a lot, and to tell you the truth, I think they aren’t worth the time it takes you to click. I’ve come to this conclusion through my own experience and that of many, many Dwell Well clients.  I was lulled into thinking the programmers and coders at Zillow and Redfin must know their stuff, right? They do know THEIR stuff, they don’t know YOURS. Zillow rates its algorithm in San Diego at four stars, their highest confidence, yet I’ve found them to be off as much as 30%, generally too low, but sometimes the same amount too high. That can be a ton of money, money that can really mess up or alter a plan. Isn’t it worth a few minutes to get this one right?

While sites like Zillow or Trulia give you a complicated, calculated best guess, the little gremlins behind the scenes don’t know some very important facts about your home. They use all the data they can get their bots on: bedrooms, baths, sqft and lot size all from tax data. Their algorithm uses assessed value and the price you originally paid for your home. Real estate pros know the assessed value in CA and the price the owner paid 10 years ago just don’t contribute to the current valuation.

Here’s what matters: The actual bedroom, bath, and size. Are the tax records right and up to date? Did you make some improvements that didn’t require a building permit? Is your home filled with light, while others close by not so much? Is your backyard a tropical oasis? How about that view? Are there items that need repair or updating? These are the things big-data can’t take into consideration, but we do.

Real Human Pricing means no coded algorithms, just real humans, working to get you a fast, accurate, informative and thoughtful answer to “what is my home worth today?”. Whether you are serious about moving, or you just want to check out how much your home has gone up or down in price, we are here to get you what you need, no obligation, for free, fast.

The black boxes already know or think they know, all about your house, but we’d like you to tell us the real story. So instead of just calculating price/sqft in a radius around your home like gremlins in ‘black boxes’ do, we ask you to answer a few easy questions about your house online. Your answers allow a live real estate pro complete your Real Human Pricing estimate. 

We’ll ask you to confirm.…

  • Address
  • Number of bedrooms and baths
  • Square footage
  • Overall condition of your home compared to your neighbors
  • Improvements/Renovations/ Kitchen or Baths
  • Other factors (views, pool, solar, architecture, landscaping)
  • Your favorite thing about your home

Once we have this information, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start evaluating all the factors involved in calculating your Real Human Price. When all of our research is complete and we find the sweet spot, we’ll send you a report with the important number.

At Dwell Well Realty, we understand how important it is to get you a great estimated value for your home. As a community resource, we want to offer Real Human Pricing to you right now, for free. Don’t worry about taking our time, we love this stuff and can’t wait to get to work on getting you a darn good estimate in 24 hours.

The best part about this for you? There is absolutely NO obligation to take it any further. Not ready to sell? We totally get that. If you are thinking about it, let’s talk, in person. If you like the Real Human Pricing, you will love the Real Humans at Dwell Well.

Request your Real Human Pricing HERE.

One more thought before I leave you….If you are planning on moving in 2018, you absolutely, positively need to meet in person with a Realtor and give them a tour of the property- an imperative process we call an Artisan Consultation. Real Human Pricing is a good tool and very well might nail an asking price when you go to market, but the Artisan Consultation tour will be the time when your Dwell Well agent will give you tips for prepping your house that will INCREASE the value, shorten the market time and hassle. Once again this is a free service we offer to our community. No obligation and no pressure.

If it’s go-time and you need an Artisan Consultation now, CLICK HERE to set an appointment. One of our Artisan or Master Craftsman Realtors will contact you for an appointment.


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From the moment Brian walked into the Dwell Well Realty office wearing a neon green dress shirt, we knew he would rock our world. He is a tennis playing, summer lovin’, gadget-geek who is desperately in love with the city of San Diego. As our guide to marketing in the 21st century, we and our clients all reap the rewards of having a real estate agent with over fifteen years of marketing and design experience on our team. Brian has two missions at Dwell Well Realty. The first is to impress every single client that walks through the door with a fresh attitude and out-of-the-box real estate marketing. The second is to educate and empower all of the Dwell Well Realty team to be authentic ambassadors of our brand. After all, sharing is caring! When he isn’t lighting the way for us and his clients, Brian is devoted to volunteering as the President of the Family Readiness Group of his spouse's United States Naval Command as well as for many non-profit organizations in San Diego. Everything from helping under privileged children to speaking out for civil rights, Brian knows that every person, every act of kindness, every ounce of effort helps create a successful world. Oh…and all hail the Denver Broncos!

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