Jose Castaneda

Broker Associate


CA DRE 01235027

Direct Website: CLICK HERE

Jose finds himself at Dwell Well Realty looking to be part of the change in the atmosphere around Real Estate as it moves towards a more collaborative experience. And we could not be more excited about his 20 plus years in the business, compliance knowledge, and sheer personality that he brings to the firm.

Jose started his career in real estate in 1998, just after he left a job managing a Minuteman Press print shop. The position was very demanding and taught him the very important lesson that “details are most important” and to “never leave a job until it is complete” because once you go to print there is no changing the mistakes and money is lost! This attention to detail became deep rooted in him. He chose real estate because he always loved the detail in architecture. He wanted to learn more about buildings and the relationship with the land they rested on. The thoughts about how amazing it was that man could make such structures like Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water’ still roam around in his head.

Jose’s energy takes him from his career in real estate to his hobbies in sports like boxing, cycling, and surfing. He is a world traveler, nature and design aficionado. You can count on three things when working with Jose, the job will be done right, patience like no other agent and you’ll have fun along the way!