The Dwell Well Squad

We're your fun friends, who just so happen to be SoCal property wizards!

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Have you ever wondered who actually chooses a Real Estate Agent off the back of a bus or bus bench? ‘Better Call Saul’ right? We thought you might want to get to know us a little better first. Check out our Master Craftsmen, Artisans and Apprentices of Real Estate here…totally beats a bus bench.

Tina Dameron Realtor® & President/Founder

Tel: 619.987.7985
CA DRE 1239211

Bob Dameron Broker

Tel: 619.239.3584
CA DRE 01457831

Carolina Houston Realtor®

Tel: 619.400.7276
CA DRE 02045282

Angelo Oriol Realtor®

Tel: 858.522.0284
CA DRE 01971283

    Danicka Brown-Frazier California & Illinois Realtor®

    Tel: 312.617.7723
    CA DRE 02058279

    Alisa Edwards San Diego Broker Associate

    Tel: 619.309.9644
    CA DRE 01400085

    Donald Byrn CPM, Realtor & Property Manager

    Tel: 619.204.3447
    CA DRE 01954328

    Dan Larson Master Craftsman Realtor®

    Tel: 619-865-1817
    CA DRE 01437731

    Nima Ghaheri Realtor®

    Tel: 619.397.8100
    CA DRE 01850020

    Brian Alvarado Realtor®, Marketing & Property Management

    Tel: 619.254.5078
    CA DRE 01927147

    Harmoni Kelley Realtor®

    Tel: 619.736.9302
    CA DRE 02037457

    Emily McGowan Realtor®

    Tel: 619.500.6289
    CA DRE 02070906

    Ashley Rose Marketing & Agent Support Coordinator

    Tel: 619.239.3584

    Adrienne Salerno, Esq. Los Angeles Broker Associate

    Tel: 213.949.4820
    CA DRE 01959758

    Aimee Baeza Realtor®

    tel: 760.562.9864
    CA DRE 01975251

    Jose Castaneda Broker Associate

    Tel: 619.518.5002
    CA DRE 01235027

    Rick Menolez Realtor®

    Tel: 858.212.5722
    CA DRE 02057661