Like family, but also really good at real estate.

We are always looking to adopt new family at Dwell Well Realty. We’ve put some information below about us and our process. Check it out and get in touch with us if you think you may be a good fit!


Are you interested in a true real estate team experience at a boutique brokerage in Southern California? We are always looking for unique individuals with a positive mindset to fit our brand with fresh ideas to enhance our team. We never stop learning and growing here at Dwell Well Realty and are working to build the most referred real estate team in Southern California.

Call us today at 619.309.9644 to meet with our leadership team and come be a part of something truly unique.

We like creativity and quirks; we value new ideas and what you as an individual bring to our group. We aren’t stuffy and corporate, yet we are professional and wicked smart. We are small by design, craft real estate, cool huh? If you love learning new things, are willing to put the client first, do a good job, and have a great time doing it, you will fit right in. Let’s Talk!

DWR helps you get good at real estate by providing tools, tech systems, and the know-how so you can create and maintain relationships, (that’s what it’s all about, people). An agent at DWR gets the combined wisdom of everyone working with us. It is our culture to share our wins, stories, what works, lessons learned, brags, woes, and the best things we’ve seen. Our training and coaching is based on an apprentice model. One on one, no webcasts or classrooms. You get to jump right in the trenches with some of the best. The Boss Lady Tina is always around and available to answer questions and loves doing it. Sound good? Let’s meet!

First, we are successful, just plain nice, easy to work with and fun. We are supportive of one another, not competitive. We are small by design and won’t try to make you do ‘it’ a certain way. Do you already have a thriving real estate business but need a change so you can get to the next level? No worries here, we won’t fix what ain’t broke. Let’s Chat!

Yes, we have two office locations in San Diego and a broker in Los Angeles. We are progressive and looking to the future of real estate, check out our new office building under construction in North Park. It’s all about new, open, fresh, and fun. We are looking at a move this summer. You also have the opportunity to work in the walk-in real estate information lounge in Little Italy. We just remodeled and it looks great. We want the next generation of agents and clients to know that Home = Here.

Tina is the Boss Lady. She founded Dwell Well Realty with the idea in mind that leadership means accessibility and availability. Your success is her success so her open door policy is constant. Alisa Edwards, our VP of People and Culture is a Master Craftsman of real estate as well, she is another incredible resource and totally willing to answer a call. Brian Alvarado is our marketing wizard. He created all of the branding for Dwell Well Realty and has an incredible eye and know-how for getting your message out. We meet for Tech Tuesdays for sharing the latest and greatest technology finds and hot apps. Once the new office is open we will hold workshops for marketing, contract updates, and business planning. Help is just a text away!

You need to specialize in people and relationships. That can mean targeting an area and building credibility and therefore relationships within that area through smart ‘farming’. We don’t believe in limiting you to geography or demographic. You are your own boss and you decide where or who your target market or markets will be. We are available to help you craft your message. We will help guide you with your marketing and provide the systems you will need to effectively and efficiently get your message out. Wanna grab a beer?

That’s the plan for the North Park Office! Two taps rotating craft beers and ciders. Cheers!

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Apprentice Agents

2 Years or Less Selling Residential Real Estate

Artisan Agents

2-8 Years selling residential Real Estate

Master Craftsman

More than 8 years of selling Real Estate