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Everybody’s got that time of year when they look around and say, “where the heck did all this STUFF come from?!” Or, if you’re like me, you use other choice words! But, bottom line, you start to notice the things around your home that make you edgy, anxious or are just throwing the balance off in your space. It’s amazing to me how much your physical space affects your mind and your emotional well-being.

When I was back in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, I went to a meeting at our Dwell Well Realty office in North Park and my broker, Tina, was talking about this very thing: heal your heart, heal your home. I loved that concept and I knew that I wanted to explore it a little more and write about it. I really feel like your home should be your place of refuge. Or, maybe you have a part of your home that you love, like your reading nook or your backyard patio. Whatever it is, it’s YOUR thing and you have to cherish it. Now, when I say “home”, that obviously means different things to different people. Your home could be a 600 sf rental apartment, or a big ol’ house on the hill, or an airstream parked on a friend’s back lot, or just a lovely little modest house in a great neighborhood. Trust me, I know ALL of those people!



The important thing is that your home, your space, whatever it may be, should give you a sense of pride, peace and happiness. If you often find that being in your space makes you feel angst, lacking in productivity or stressed out, consider making some small changes that could bring some awesomeness to your home and some calm to your mind. I’m including a small list of things here that I’ve actually done myself and, I’m telling you guys, it actually works if you let it (as my bass tech says!).

Get rid of clutter.

I know that this seems so obvious, but it is a BIG one for me, personally. Not that I’m a hoarder or anything, but I spent many years being afraid to get rid of anything because, ya know, “what if I need that someday!?!?”. Bleh. Throw that out the window, friends! Of course, I have things that are sentimental to me and I will always keep them. It’s more of the little things that just collect. That’s what I try to get rid of. Or, go through your clothes….have I worn that in the past year? No? Then it is heading to our neighborhood shelter. If you have issues getting rid of stuff (and trust me, I get it) just start with putting it all in a more organized and out-of-sight spot. I feel like my my brain feels cluttered when my space is cluttered so I routinely have to go around my house and clean my desk, get rid of piles of random books that I swear I’ll get to, throw little gadgets away that I didn’t even know I had in the first place…..it feels good. REAL good.

Paint a wall. Yeah, yeah. There’s that line from that new KC song…But seriously though. “Get Along” makes some good points…Turn negative energy into positive energy, as my man says. Words to live by, but you can do that in your house, too! If your rooms feel drab, boring or dark, sometimes a little pop of color can make your room just glow. If you’ve ever thought about trying out a new paint color, but are afraid of committing, throw it up on one wall and see if it blows your skirt up. Accent walls can be a really cool and easy (and inexpensive!) way of mixing it up.

Rearrange your furniture – get your feng shui on! We literally just did this to our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and it is SO much better. And, of course, as we started moving the bed over there and taking out all of our clothes from the dresser to be able to move it, we started cleaning and dusting and sorting things into piles. It was great! The room took on a whole new vibe after just moving a couple of things around. It’s such an easy thing to do. I remember when I used to live in apartments years ago, that was my thing after about 6 months. I’d get frustrated and start rearranging my furniture. Maybe I’m insane. There’s something really cathartic about doing that, though. It’s like you’re giving your space some fresh energy and new life, which is never a bad thing. Change the set-up of your living room, swap some rugs around, put some new artwork up….And hey, if you hate it, move it back! Oh, and did I mention that there’s an app for that?!

Try smudging. Ok, this may get a little hippie dippy for some of y’all, but I’m mentioning it anyway. Smudging is a ritual that was started waaaay back in the day, I’m talking 2,000 or so years ago, by indigenous American shamans. They would make small bundles of dry white sage and burn them to drive off negative energy and also bring balance to an individual or a space. It’s also very common with Feng Shui practices as well. You light the end of a dry sage bundle, let the flame burn out so that the bundle continues to smoke, and move slowly around your house, paying attention to corners or the room. Whether you truly believe that it works or not, sometimes the simple act of being mindful about releasing the negative energy is all that you might need to feel that calm in yourself.

This is, honestly, the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making moves towards a more peaceful space. These are only things that I’ve tried myself, but I would love to hear what you guys are doing to make your home more of a serene place for yourselves and your family. Please share! I love hearing new ideas.

Home should be your safe place. Let’s make it so.


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Love, Home & Harmoni…there just isn’t any better way to describe a Dwell Well Realty agent. With our heartfelt mission to always put the relationship before the transaction, Harmoni Kelley is that mission personified. With her signature smile and calming demeanor, Harmoni has the unique ability to take what can sometimes be the most stressful purchase of ones life, and find the peace in the eye of the storm. Her love for home and harmony for life makes her the perfect addition to our Dwell Well Realty family. Harmoni is putting down roots in San Diego, a city she has grown to love and call home after being a Texas transplant via Tennessee. She is a self-taught, national touring bassist and vocalist and is currently a touring bassist for international Country Music superstar Kenny Chesney. Not many people get to find two careers to love in one lifetime but Harmoni has done just that. Real Estate and Music…two things most of us wouldn’t ever want to live without.

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