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I’ve been meaning to do this post earlier in the tour year, but it always goes by so incredibly fast. Suddenly, here we are in the last month of touring for the summer! But, in a way it makes sense because to be quite honest, it takes me about that long to get used to living on the bus and out of a suitcase again. I know some of my musician and touring friends out there know what road life is like, so this may all be redundant for you.

For most of you guys, though, you likely don’t tour with a band and have maybe not ever stepped foot on a tour bus. I actually didn’t see my first tour bus until I started playing with Bob Schneider in Austin around 2008 or so. Before that, it was all van travel with all of our gear in the trailer, loading in and out of clubs and sharing driving duties. That’s a whole other story, though.


Needless to say, my first time on a bus, I was in awe. It was like I had finally made it. I’m on a tour bus! How cool is that!? I was giddy with excitement when I found out that we were touring on a bus with Bob. All the other guys in the band were used to it, but not me. For any of you who’ve ever traveled across the country in a big RV, it’s kind of like that….without the gig at the end of every day, probably.

One of the first busses I was ever on was a trip (yeah, that’s me with suer red short hair). It was older Eagle model and the inside looked like someone had gone on a shopping spree at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall. Lots of neon, a disco ball, posters, lava lamps….it was insane. Of course, I thought, is this what all tour buses are like? Uh, no. Definitely not. Some are way crazier, but most are pretty tame.

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Love, Home & Harmoni…there just isn’t any better way to describe a Dwell Well Realty agent. With our heartfelt mission to always put the relationship before the transaction, Harmoni Kelley is that mission personified. With her signature smile and calming demeanor, Harmoni has the unique ability to take what can sometimes be the most stressful purchase of ones life, and find the peace in the eye of the storm. Her love for home and harmony for life makes her the perfect addition to our Dwell Well Realty family. Harmoni is putting down roots in San Diego, a city she has grown to love and call home after being a Texas transplant via Tennessee. She is a self-taught, national touring bassist and vocalist and is currently a touring bassist for international Country Music superstar Kenny Chesney. Not many people get to find two careers to love in one lifetime but Harmoni has done just that. Real Estate and Music…two things most of us wouldn’t ever want to live without.

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