Dwell Well Agent Package

What's in it for you?

These items are provided by the brokerage for you.

You’re time is best spent closing deals and marketing for new clients so we handle the majority of the tech and branding that is required to make you GREAT!

  • Generous Split with no Desk Fees or Minimums
  • No Nickle and Diming like Charging for Copies and Printing
  • Super Cool Walk-in Little Italy Office
  • Brand New North Park Office
  • Best Business Card out There 400 ct. (Est. Value $85.00)
  • Dwell Well Realty Email Account
  • Professional Multi Photo Shoot (Est. Value $200)
  • Dwell Well New Agent Workshop
  • Database/ CRM Client Relationship Management System (Est. Value $30/month)
  • Dropbox App for Access to Dwell Well Documents
  • Lock Box Library (Est. Value $127.45/each)
  • Buyer Consultation Kit and In House Training
  • Branded Listing Presentation (Est. Value $300)
  • Comfort with Contracts (In-House Training)
  • REESIO Account (Est. Value $19/month)
  • Real Satisfied Profile (Est. Value $50/month)
  • Dwell Well Open House Sign Library (Est. Value $67/each)
  • 2 Name Tags (Est. Value $15)
  • Professionally Designed Customized Property Flyer Templates
  • Professionally Designed Customizable Print Materials Templates