Written by Tina Dameron

How does a mechanical engineer end up as @SDCONDOMAMA? It started with a love of architecture, home design and nesting. Tina would add it’s the process of finding her life’s purpose which is leading the way home. She’s been at it a long, long, long, long time; now, as the boss lady of Dwell Well Realty she leads by example, training others how to help people find their way home. Tina says ‘training the next generation of Master Craftsmen of Real Estate is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done outside of raising her daughters.’ Tina is a born hostess, she spends all of her limited free time with her family: hubby and grown daughters: best over good food, wine on a sailboat somewhere, life is pretty sweet! When Tina is with a client and they find the perfect house, she gets goosebumps, ‘Isn’t it strange when they don’t?’ Born and raised in Santa Cruz she grew up bodysurfing in cold NorCal water and fog. Landing in San Diego part was just plain luck, she loves her city and never looked back. Tina embodies the whole left coast thing, not a Bible belt kind of girl.