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First, let’s figure out what you need to make you awesome. We will tailor your transition into Dwell Well  to your professional needs. Do you need more training, a new marketing plan? How about utilizing a CRM? Transaction management? Client management? We ‘adopt’ agents into our family rather than hire, so we take a personal approach, just like we do with our clients.  Dwell Well Brokerage Benefits

Yes, The owner/manager, Boss Lady Tina, is around and available to answer questions all the time and loves doing it. After 20+ years she’s got the answer. If she isn’t in the office,  Alisa, our People and Culture Guru and Broker Associate is another incredible resource. She’s managed to close some of the hairiest deals and is always willing to share hard won info.  An agent at Dwell Well gets the combined wisdom of everyone working with Dwell Well, it’s our culture to share our wins, woes, stories, what works, lessons learned, best things I’ve seen, and big brags. You don’t get just one or two resources, you get the whole family.

We are generous, social, approachable, expert, friendly and fun. We aren’t cheap, stuffy, sloppy, or competitive. We are small by design, our approach is Craft real estate, taking the time to create something with care and pride. Check out our Vision and Values to see if we are good fit.

The Dwell Well compensation package is generous and simple. It’s a split commission structure with no upcharges or ‘gotchas’ determined by experience. Plus agents with Dwell Well get to work in some of the most awesome offices around anywhere. We are close to finishing a brand new building in North Park with 18’ ceilings, open floor-plan, three hard offices, loft space and more. HOME=HERE   We also have a slick office right in the heart of Little Italy where we’ve landed some incredible walk-in business during floor shifts.

Commission Plan 2016 

Ready to Get Great at Real Estate?

I’ve had my license for a couple of years or so. I went to work for Big Box Real Estate and I’ve learned a lot and closed a few sales. I’m doing OK, but I want more, much more. Everyone where I work now seems stuck in their way of doing things, old school, and just plain old. If you aren’t in the Top 10 or President’s Club or whatever, you are invisible. I want my creativity to be valued. I’m looking for something fresh, vibrant and alive. I want to get good, even great, and I want to do it with fun, flair, without it costing me a boatload of cash.

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Check out Donald, one of our Artisan Agents tell us about his experience joining Dwell Well Realty.