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One on one, mentor and apprentice no webcasts, we promise. Your training is customized for you based on your life and work experience. You get to jump right in the trenches shadowing and learning directly from the best while building your business from day one.

The owner/manager, Boss Lady Tina, is around and available to answer questions, trouble shoot and does data dumps all the time. DWR helps you get good at real estate by providing tools, tech systems and know how so you can create and maintain relationships, that’s what it’s all about, people.

An agent at Dwell Well gets the combined wisdom of everyone at Dwell Well, we share our wins, woes, and lessons learned.

Real Estate at Dwell Well Realty is less sales and more match making. Our approach is personal, we are trusted because we take the time to earn trust.  We become friends with our clients, they come back time and time again. It’s not sales, it’s people and you know people, you can do this with us.

There are a million agents out there and you know they all aren’t smarter than you.  Study the practice questions and take practice test after practice test. The test is pretty easy if you are prepared. If you don’t pass the first time, take it again, you will pass the test.

The main financial barrier to getting started in San Diego real estate is the time it takes from beginning your new career to making and closing your first sale.

Lack of income or savings during the ramp up is the number one killer of promising real estate agents. Don’t let that happen to you, be optimistic, but real, it could be 6 months before you earn a dime.

Plus, a new agent has some start-up and licensing expenses, but Dwell Well covers the basics. We provide business cards, a top notch CRM system, company email account, robust web presence, marketing support and a lot more. Our splits are generous, we don’t charge a desk or tech fee. We make the investment in you so we can kill it in real estate together.  

Check out our Dwell Well Agent Package for a list of items we provide you to help you get started!

Real estate with most companies including Dwell Well Realty is commission based. You get paid when you close a sale, place a tenant in a rental, or help a landlord find a tenant. Dwell Well Realty keeps a small percentage of the commission, you earn the lion’s share. The smarter you work the better you do. You decide when to work, play and travel.

Dwell Well Realty has a simple commission structure with no up-charges or gotchas. 

Commission Plan 2016 

Just Starting Out in Real Estate?

I’ve got a relative/friend who’s winning at life with real estate. The last drone job almost killed me and I’m looking for something new where I can be myself and have a flexible schedule. I’ve always known I wanted to work for myself, I just didn’t know where to start and I can’t afford to make a mistake. 

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Check out Michael, one of our Apprentice Agents tell us about his experience joining Dwell Well Realty.